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Our respected SUBHASH CHAND BANSAL starting the operation with Firm ‘BANSAL COTTON & OIL MILLS’ working in animal feed industries since 1987 with 4 expellers in Kaithal, Haryana for making oil cake and cotton seeds oil from raw material cottonseeds. When company is on starting then only covered local market in the competition with high quality of products and services provided by us and company expended to 32 expellers’ machinery with high production compared to other firms. Now company covered all local markets of animal feed and operation covered slowly all state of Haryana, market of animal feed in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Now company enjoys the market in very different styles and their position in the markets. All competitors could not defeat us due to our policy and goods provided in the market. All customers are very happy with our animal feed Khal Binola because of which our turnover increased yearly....

  • Markets - All over Delhi, UP, AND RAJASTHAN market, customers buy our product by demand from dealer with the name of BANSAL KHAL. Now company has over 100 firms working with us and 300+ dealers also attached with us because of which expansion and goodwill increased in market of different areas. Company aims to cover also in cattle feed industries with high technology of steam plant modern technology and company researched it on and soon cattle feed launch.
  • Location - Company was starting its operation from Kaithal (Haryana) with small mill plant of 4 machinery only. Now company operation increased to 32 machinery of production in different location of Kaithal and Khushkhera, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. And company also plans to set up one more plant of cattle feed and Khal Binola in Kaithal.
  • Employment - When company was start only 10 peoples working at our plant. Now company gives most contribution to the economy of country by providing employment directly or indirectly to 150-200 workers and their families. And company target to expand the operation to give jobs to 300+ dealers.
  • Forecasting - Company researches on cattle feed industry with modern technology of cattle feed making. Steam plant will be set up in future after successful research. To provide best quality of cattle feed in their market. And company set up target to achieve sales turnover above 150-200 Crores in 2-4 years. At present company sales achieve 100 Crores in 2016-17. This is the highest in our local market.

Bansal Cotton & Oil Mills

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Subash Chand Bansal


सुभाष बंसल


Sachin Bansal


सचिन बंसल


our products

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Cattle Feed NEW

पशु चारा

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Cotton Seeds Oil Cake (Green)

खल बिनौला हरा

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Cotton Seeds Oil Cake (Red)

खल बिनौला लाल

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Cottonseed Oil

शुद्ध बिनौला तेल

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Nirol Soap

निरोल साबुन

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Cotton Seeds


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